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them to overflow. barns and other buildings damaged by the severe weather. in maryland, 695 and providence road, no severe weather here, just gray skies and bumper-to-bumper traffic. it was sunny earlier. then trailed off to rain off and on all day. so the question tonight is, what does this weather pattern mean for us? wyett everhart tells us what we can expect for the drive home. it's a nasty drive home already. >> it's always interesting every year, this last day of february into the first day of march, almost always seems to bring interesting weather. i just noticed it the last couple of years. today really not an exception. we had rain mostly here, big storms toward north carolina. look at maryland's most powerful doppler radar. you can see there's plenty of wet weather still left to deal with out there tonight. in fact, some heavier steadier rains just south and east of the southern tip of anne arundel county, down through southern maryland, calvert county, baltimore back through
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west springfield, then down extending toward cambridge and easton on the eastern shore, getting more rain in that direction. la plata getting a heavy shower now. that may work its way in toward say edgewater and down towards shady side in the next 15, 20 minutes. bottom line is the main area ofrin is push -- rain is pushing slowly south and east but still over much of the viewing area now, if you're watching north and west toward carroll county just drizzle. 50s. and chillier overnight. but drier weather on tap this week. we talk about that coming up. getting local roads fixed. that is the job of county government here in maryland. but now they are crying broke after the state has taken away millions in highway funds and of course the pothole season gets into full swing, an increase in the gas tax, is that the answer to getting the roads fixed? roosevelt leftwich joins us with more information. i can imagine not many folks are happy about this.
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>> reporter: yes and no. the first hike in the gas tax in 20 years could be a reality in this legislative term but many folks will only support fit the governors and legislature keep their hands out of highway construction money. two things can really make the average driver mad, one, prices get higher and two, let them keep hitting these. it's going to be difficult across the state and counties as the city of baltimore struggle with finding the dollars not just to fix holes but to make improvements. every county in the state has had a ton of projects on the back burner. after the governor raised highway funds again. >> 97% of the money from the highway user funds that interest additionally has gone -- traditionally has gone to local government, and small towns, the small municipals are just as bad and there's virtually no road resurfacing the last couple of years in
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maryland. >> reporter: one option on the table is increase in the gas tax. although the counties and baltimore city and other groups would like an increased source of revenue to maintain roadways, it's hard to get people to want to ok an increase in gas when the price of a gallon is 21 cents higher this past week. second, the highway fund has already taken $1 billion to fund the budget. >> we can certainly not support any increase in the form of a gas tax or other increased fees without absolute guarantee that the money that is generated from these increases is spent on transportation. >> reporter: almost as the cuts have been extremely drastic, for example, in howard county where the county executive saw their share of the highway user fees drop from $16 million in 2007 to $500,000 this year, not enough to do
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snow removal for a small storm let alone pave a major roadway. to keep abreast of lower gas prices in your area, go to, go to our web site at traffic, go to our gas prices thing right here. that will pop up and give you the best prices in our area. best prices in your area as well to maybe save a little money before gas hikes go up. roosevelt leftwich, abc2 news. let's look at tonight's top stories. an investigation continues into last week's fire-related death of a woman. last week a 911 hangup led deputies to the home where they discovered a fire on the second floor. kathleen ellis was found who was unconscious. authorities say her few words during that emergency call where she eluded to being raped prompted investigatetors to classify this as a suspicious death. the firing of a baltimore city police officer caught on tape yelling and pushing a
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14-year-old skateboarder in the inner harbor is being upheld tonight by a judge. salvatore's lawyer argued the police commissioner went beyond what was reasonable when he rejected an internal board recommendation that would let him be suspended for six days. the trial board had found the officer not guilty of the most serious charges including using excessive force and language. he was found guilty only of failing to write up a police report. we are back working for you tonight as we celebrate our scam-iversary, giving you access to the experts to help you figure out if what you've received in the phone or mail is a scam. joce sterman is live where we have a phone bank set up to take your calls, hopefully answer some of your questions. >> reporter: we have a problem. i don't know if you noticed this but some of these people are taking a rest. we can't have that. this is a special works for you event. we're only going to have them here until 6:30. we committed them, getting
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their phone calls until 6:30. 410-481-2222. we have angie barnett from the better business bureau, karen strong from the attorney general's office and rebecca bowman from the howard county office of consumer affairs. this is the power corner here. if you have questions about scams we want to give you the opportunity to talk to the ladies. they are experts in their field and they are ready to talk to you. give them a call about any scams, or if you have questions. this is a big deal for us. we've been doing "scam alert" two years in a row. that is 104 weeks of doing this ever eweek -- every week, to give you tips of what scammers are trying next. even though we put the warning out sometimes you just have questions. tonight's the opportunity to get those, 410-481-2222. you have about an hour left. call us and hopefully we can help you. back to you. >> thank you. like mom always told you to keep your elbows off the table, etiquette experts say keep the smartphone out of sight during meals, too. having that phone out can be a negative nonverbal statement to
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other people. more on smartphone etiquette, coming up. some big winners of the night to the big winners of the red carpet. oscar winners coming up.
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in tonight's consumer alert, you know where your salad fork is, but how about your smartphone's place at the table? especially the business lunch and even on a first date? protocol for your mobile gadgets. karen kafa has tips on how to adestroyed a mis-- avoid a misconnection. >> reporter: just like mom told you to keep your elbows off the table, etiquette experts say to keep your smartphone out of sight during meals too. >> keep your smartphone, your i-phone, blackberry, all of that should be off the table because really what it is, is a nonverbal statement to those other people that they are not as important as your phone. >> reporter: what you might interpret as a sign of the times or display of your productivity at a business lunch or even a social dinner may be offputting to a potential boss, client or even a date. updating isolated shower status message -- your status message
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or tweeting during the meal can be considered poor taste. if you are dineing with a smartphone addict you're not out of bounds to call them out on it in a polite manner. >> you can say, if you are distracted or really busy, you want to reschedule the lunch. >> despite portability experts say tablet computers like the i-pad are always taboo at the table. >> it's more distracting than even a phone, it's larger, you put it up on the table, you're clicking away, pressing, moving hands. you're totally not connected with the person that you're sitting with. >> reporter: because when it comes to making that first connection you don't get a second chance. to avoid letting that digital device become a third wheel. in washington, i'm karen kafa. you've heard about him a lot lately. controversial actor charlie sheen has an exclusive abc interview. >> you get in trouble for being honest.
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i'm extremely old fashioned, i'm a nobleman, i'm chivalrous. >> more on this extensive, intimate and edgy conversation when we come back. >> we are answering your scam questions. 410-481-2222.
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they will try every dirty trick in the book trying to get access to your life, your money, your information. everything. but we have tools you need to fight the scammers as we take your calls and answer your questions tonight on our "scam-iversary." joce sterman is live in studio
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b, are you getting some calls? >> reporter: a ton of calls. we're hearing over and over again about the same scam. goes to show you -- every week we give you warnings with the "scam alert." we want to bring in somebody helping to deal with the scams. karen strong is an assistant attorney general and director of the mediation unit in the consumer protection division for the attorney general. talk a little bit about what you do. you go after the bad guys and try to shut this down? >> what we do in the mediation unit, take complaints from people, we advise them if it appears to be a scam and advise them where to -- if it's the fbi or police if they should be reporting this to if they got taken. we try to help people when they have problems. there are a number of consumers, if they find they are all having the same problem, we can decide whether or not we will take action on behalf of all citizens of maryland, for example.
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if this business is in violation of the consumer protection laws. >> reporter: this is serious stuff. if it gets to the point where you have to pursue a complaint, you say something is going on there. consumers sometimes feel helpless. we tell them first call the attorney general's office. you need that information to build a case against someone? >> that's correct. each time we do this, take information. many times we're contacting consumers who contacted us. we have them come in to testify in court. to help us out and make sure we can take the necessary actions to shut down these businesses who are not acting in accordance with the laws. >> reporter: what would you say to the bad businesses, scammers and bad apples? what sort of warning would you give to the people, to say listen, we're on to you? >> i think the best thing we can do is keep letting everyone know we're out there and to keep having everyone tell everyone else, don't ever be afraid to tell anybody you've been a victim of a scam or found out about a scam because the best thing you do is
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provide information. the more people that know, the less likely -- the more likely we will catch somebody. >> reporter: karen strong with the attorney general's office. they take this stuff very seriously in maryland, if you're a scam, bad business, they will eventually catch on to you and take action against you. we've seen it before. if you have questions about a scam, wondering about a business, you've done business with it, if you have ves about anything, we're hear to answer your questions, 410-481-222. through 6:30. give us a call. back to you. here's the view from our harbor cam. a lot of traffic tonight but weather not too bad. we're getting longer days now as we get out the last few hours of february. goodbye -- hello march at midnight. 58 degrees.
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temperatures much cooler tonight. it's interesting, the last day of february, almost 70 degrees today. tomorrow, lucky to get out of the 40s in most spots. gwynn oak, cloudy skies were the rule. we time lapsed this camera view. you'll see rain beginning to come down through the afternoon hours. a little ominous looking at times today. no severe weather around maryland. we briefly had a watch for tornadoes up earlier this morning. that was cancelled quickly as cool air moved in and cancelled any threat we would have had. frederick today, a little stormy-looking sky as well as rain came in and finally stopped. there was a lot of rain in prince george's county. maryland's most powerful doppler radar now, where's the rain? heavier steadier stuff now south of the city. salisbury back up through cambridge, easton, centreville, delmarva getting hit with decent rains. this steady will track further south and east toward the beaches. still decent rain south of dc here moving down toward waldorf, rain in that direction. we're beginning to seer clearing out west with just a
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few hit and miss patches of light drizzle and light showers towards hagerstown. right now temperatures close to 60 but not quite there. 58 baltimore. 58 pax river. oc at 60 but again most spots not in. 32 deep creek. that is a 30-degree span across the state. high temperatures now through the day impressive. dc hitting 72 this afternoon. much of the eastern shore as well. baltimore, we came close. the old record from the early 1900s, 71, we couldn't quite get there. tomorrow, a nice solid 25-degree cooloff or so. reisterstown about 46. inner harbor about 48. again, radar beginning to clear from the west. so there's one more round of showers that will probably make their way in overnight tonight if they hold together. secondary line of rain if you will. other than that, high pressure will clear us out, push the rain out to sea, also push out our mild weather and bring in chillier, breezier stuff tonight into early tomorrow.
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futurecast -- rain continues this evening. last of it should be pushing out of here by 11:00. that second line. we're dry tuesday and wednesday and really dry through the end of the week, looks like that right now. tonight, down to 30, showers in the early part of the evening but then clearing out. tomorrow 47, mostly sunny. cooler and seasonable. tomorrow night town to 30 or so under a clear sky. the 7-day forecast, not bad really. i mean, the first days of march can look a lot different than this. right now they look ok. 47 with sun around all day tomorrow. bring the sunglasses. i think we'll push close to 60 wednesday. then another cool front will push us back into the 40s thursday. we'll probably bounce back a little as we head to the first part of the week. the weekend looks a little wet. chance for rain there saturday and sunday but we'll see what happens as we get closer. >> glad the precipitation is only rain, not the white fluffy stuff. thank you. everybody is still buzzing
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from all the oscar excitement. it was a night of glamour, surprises and emotions at the 83rd annual academy awards. "the king's speech" picked up honors for best picture, best actor and best director. jamie costello joins us from the interactive news center with the details. i loved everything of the night except christian bale's beard! >> reporter: he will shave it because of you. that's it. the ratings are out. biggest audience in a couple years. big crowd. this year the oscars wanted to become more hip. that is why they brought on james franco and ann hathaway but the critics are getting them on-line now. saying franco was more interested in tweeting than hosting the show. one of his last tweets before hitting the stage was goings i think this might be bad." yeah critic said yeah, it was. halle berry, jennifer hudson looked outstanding. cate blanchett here.
5:53 pm
i also want to show you a picture here if we can just get it. this one, penelope cruz. five minutes ago she had a baby. she was incredible last night. so -- all the fashion, you can go on-line. we had shocking moments. best supporting actress winner melissa leo, we loved her for "homicide" but she dropped the f-bomb during her acceptance speech. "the king's speech" got the royal treatment winning four oscars including one for best picture. colin firth was named best actor for his role as a stammering king george vi. he hopes his performance did some good. >> it sent a message. i think it was badly needed. >> reporter: natalie portman won for her work in black & -- "black swan." and christian bale won best supporting for "the fighter." no sweeps this year. "inception" won just as many as
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"the king's speech," four in all, "the social network" picked up three academy awards. here at the inc, jamie costello, abc2 news. >> thank you. speaking of actors in hollywood, now let's talk about charlie sheen. charlie sheen, the past few months has been one tabloid after another. one headline after another. with drugs, porn stars, even public squabbles about his job. charlie sheen talked to abc's andrea canning, his first tv interview since cbs pulled the plug on his huge blockbuster show. >> were you shocked when they shut down "two and a half men" again indefinitely? >> yeah. i was actually disappointed because i thought -- i think that the mistake -- mistakes i made is that people misinterpret my passion for
5:55 pm
anger. >> stopping the show is costing an estimated $250 million all around. >> it will cost them a lot more because they are on a battlefield and they let their emotions and ego basically -- strapped on their diapers. they are in breach. they are in radical breach. sorry, guys, you screwed up. >> are you going to sue? >> she says he plans to sue. i believe abc has a special coming on tomorrow night. you can hear the complete charlie sheen interview. >> "two and a half men" men talked about in "the daily news" today. all new at 6:00, the impact of the possible government shutdown as lawmakers in dc try to crunch the numbers. plus, a sweet ride that can be yours for a great price. we'll give you a sneak peek at the luxury vehicles going to the highest bidder. look at this garage. coming up.
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look at this dramatic video from north carolina. an out of control bull went airborne into the stands at a rodeo. you can see the bull charging into the stands. two people were hurt. rodeo officials offered to pay for the medical bills and give them unlimited tickets to future events. the bull was not hurt. should repeat dui offenders be forced to have a special signal on their license? one lawmaker thinks so. we're going to look at those parts of the issue tonight on abc2 news at 6:00 which starts now. our government may

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